Town and Surroundings

The picturesque historical town of Kežmarok is situated in the region of Spiš in the Eastern Slovakia. In 1950, the historical center of Kežmarok was declared historical town reservation, one of the most important in Slovakia. With a large number of historical and cultural monuments, the town is a real jewel of Slovakia.

Among the most important ones, we can mention the town castle (1463), the lyceum with one of the largest historical school libraries in the Central Europe, the wooden Evangelical articular church (UNESCO), Roman Catholic basilica of Saint Cross, Renaissance belfry and many others.

With its unique position, Kežmarok can offer many unforgetable experiences and adventures connected with both the visits of the town and the trips to its vicinity. Kežmarok can be seen as a central point of journeys to the Hight Tatras, the Slovak Paradise and the Pieniny Mountains, where all your experience dreams start to come true. Please, do come in, you are cordially welcome!